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Total Motor Assist FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
If I am involved in an accident with another vehicle on the road, what should I do?
If you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident while driving, these are the steps you should take in order to ensure your safety:
  • Stay calm and don’t get angry

  • Never admit that it was your fault

  • Note the driver’s name, address, vehicle registration number / make of vehicle and insurance details - you can use the handy form that we've provided in your member's Glove Box Document for this

  • Ask for pedestrians or motorists who can act as witnesses to what happened. Ideally you will need two. Get business cards or contact details Take names, telephone numbers and addresses of at least two witnesses if possible

  • Ring the Total Motor Assist Helpline (refer to your membership paperwork for your number) We are here to help you through this traumatic situation

  • Report the accident to the police if you are injured

  • If injured ensure that you seek medical advice from a hospital or your GP

  • Photograph the accident scene and any visible injuries or damage to your car

  • Look for CCTV cameras as these could also provide evidence of liability

  • If you incur any expenses as a direct result of the accident, make sure you keep a full record of these along with receipts where appropriate
Who pays for the services we provide?
Apart from the membership fees that our member’s pay, as the victim of a non-fault accident you are legally entitled to the service we provide. The costs of any replacement vehicle provided, and repairs carried out to your car if applicable are paid for by the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident.
What will happen if my car is a write off?
If your car is written off as a result of an accident that was not your fault we can help. We will arrange for a like for like category replacement vehicle to be provided to you while your claim is being resolved. Provided you do not have access to a replacement vehicle yourself or you can replace your vehicle from funds available, you will be entitled to keep your like for like replacement vehicle until you receive a cheque from the third party’s insurance company.
How will I prove the accident wasn't my fault?
Our fully trained Helpline staff will discuss the circumstances of your accident with you. At that time we will assess whether there is an identifiable negligent third party and if so we will accept your claim.
If the accident was my fault, can you help me?
Yes, we will offer you support and advice when you call our helpline and if it is your fault, we can deal with your insurers and manage the repairs to your vehicle for you through your own insurers. If you use one of our trusted repairers will also be able to provide you with a courtesy car while your repairs are being completed.
Can you arrange for the repairs to be carried out to my vehicle?
If your car can be repaired then we will arrange for this to be carried out by one of our approved repairers at a garage close to you. The cost of the repairs and the inspection of your vehicle prior to repair will be recovered from the insurer of the fault driver.
If the accident isn’t may fault will I need to claim on my insurance?
No. If you are not at fault, you do not have to make a claim on your own insurance. If you did make a claim to your insurer, you would lose your no claims bonus and generally have to pay your voluntary excess and even your compulsory excess. If you make a claim via your insurer you may also lose your no claims bonus too.
What's the actual likelihood of me having an accident?
There are approximately 30 million vehicles in the UK travelling in excess of 240 billion miles each year. There are around 12,000 accidents per day, with 6,000 where it wasn’t their fault and this is where add significant support and assistance.

It is estimated that on average, 14% of the UK’s driving population will have an accident each year.
If the accident was not my fault and I claim through my insurer rather than TMA, what can I expect?
It's really not great, to be honest:
  • You are not guaranteed to receive a like for like replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired
  • You will most likely have to pay your excess
  • You will most likely lose any no claims bonus you have built up and face increased premiums when you renew
  • You will most likely have to arrange for your car to be repaired and supply quotes to your insurer
  • You will most likely have to chase your repairer and then your insurer to the claims final conclusion
  • You will most likely have to chase your repairer to provide you with a courtesy car “most likely to be a Corsa, Fiesta or Nissan Micra - happy with that?!
If the accident was not my fault and I claim through TMA, what can I expect?
Apart from we help remove the stress and inconvenience of having an accident; we take responsibility for managing the relationship with your insurers and the third parties. We organise repairs and we keep you mobile in a car which is the same or similar to yours so that you are not affected by loss of your car. We also help protect your no claims bonus and ensure you don’t have to pay your excess. From a monetary point of view, this is likely to save you nearly £200 per year.

Here's a real-life example that proves the point: A driver with 5 years unprotected No Claims Bonus (NCB) typically lose 2 years of their NCB, moving them down 3 years NCB and they would then see their premiums rise on average from £349 to £479. So utilising your Total Motor Assist cover is not only more convenient and more packed with valuable services, it will also save you £130 in real terms year one and a further £65 in year two.
What happens if I am injured in the accident?
Total Motor Assist works with a number of specialist motor accident lawyers who can pursue a claim on your behalf to establish if you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.
How do I know if I am entitled to make a compensation claim?
If you have suffered either physical or psychological injury (i.e. stress, depression etc) as a result of the other driver's carelessness, you are fully entitled to be compensated.
I have fully comprehensive insurance, why should I ring the TMA Helpline?
  • We will offer you sound advice from the start
  • We will assess your claim quickly and tell you where you stand
  • We will deliver a like for like replacement vehicle to wherever is convenient to you & organise the repair of your damaged car
  • We will contact yours and the third party insurers and manage this for you
  • If you are injured, we will organise any medical treatment you may need & get you maximum compensation
If I have passengers in my car, can they claim compensation if the road accident was not my fault?
Yes, as a member, all of your passengers are covered too and will receive the same benefits as you. In fact, even if you are at fault, they still have the right to claim!
What happens if the other driver failed to stop, or was uninsured?
Total Motor Assist can help here too. We can handle your claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) which handles untraceable and uninsured claims.
I am a young driver and my insurance excess is set to the maximum - how can you help?
You won’t need to claim on your own insurance policy as we will claim directly off the third party's insurers, so you will not pay any excess.
When I ring the TMA helpline following an accident, where is my call answered?
All TMA helpline calls are answered by highly qualified professionals at our UK-based facility who can help and assist you straight away.
Do I have to pay legal fees?
No you don't have to pay any legal fees for advice given initially. Part of your TMA membership entitles you to free legal advice for accident claims. TMA expert lawyers will assess you claim and establish if you have a good case against a third party. If our lawyers pursue a case for you they may deduct up to 25% of your claim award to cover their costs.
I have just had an accident and I think it's my fault. What should I do?
Always ring the TMA helpline. They will advise you of the best course of action and help you assess if it is your fault. In any case, never admit liability before speaking to TMA.
My TMA membership is about to expire. How do I renew my membership?
We will contact you in advance of your membership expiring to enable you to maintain your cover.
My personal details have changed – like moving house or changed my email address. What do I do?
You can easily update your Member Account details in the Member's Area

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